Analytics and Positive Educational Outcomes

  • KneoWorld published by KneoMedia isat the forefront of educational innovation, uses analytics to empower teachers with real-time performance data to meet the needs of individual children.
  • Students progress from below standard to mastery skill level using research-based collaborative teaching methods.
  • KneoMedia’s scalable business model is in line with the EdTech sector’s projected growth.
In today’s data-driven world, the significance of analytics cannot be overstated. A survey by Deloitte highlights that 49% of respondents believe analytics enable them to make better decisions. This insight is true for the education sector, where understanding students’ performance is necessary for tailoring teaching methods to meet each learner’s unique needs. To teachers, this is known as differentiated learning or individualised instruction.
KneoWorld’s Advanced Learning Solutions
KneoMedia is at the forefront of educational innovation with its KneoWorld platform, designed to empower educators with real-time insights into student progress. This advanced learning program is structured around the Gradual Release of Responsibility Framework. Students learn through modelling and collaborative practice to eventually achieve skill competency.
Checkpoints are used during key phases to ensure that each student is tracking appropriately. This enables the teachers to adjust learning paths for optimal outcomes, interpreting the analytics to provide instruction based on their individual needs. All information is recorded on Student Tracker Sheets which are aligned with the curriculum. With KneoWorld, students can progress from below standards to mastery.
Maximising Impact and Accountability
Educators use their professional understanding and experience of children’s skills and learning theories to proficiently interpret the data,paralleling wll performance based activities in business, sport and other vocations today.
The KneoWorld platform is scalable to the researched growth of digital education. All data inputs including funding, resources, learning styles, a child’s personal concerns, and the teachers themselves relate directly to the students’ outputs – learning outcomes, university entrance rates, future employment, crime rates and other socio-economic elements.
“Accountability and data are at the heart of contemporary reform efforts worldwide. Accountability has become the watchword of education, with data holding a central place in the current wave of large-scale reform.” (Earl, 2005)
Strategic Decision-Making as an Investment
Future projections indicate that the demand for educational technology is increasing. It is no coincidence that there is also an emphasis on safeguarding these tools to improve children’s learning and development.
KneoWorld’s learning program is steeped in decades of research that underpins the growth and demand for the platform.
The Trend and KneoWorld
KneoWorld is harnessing its position within both the education and technology industries to focus on the PreK to Grade 6 curricula. The program’s attention to literacy and numeracy foundation skills. Find out more about how KneoWorld uses observational data to inform and guide educational practices here.
Earl, L. (2005) From Accounting to Accountability: Harnessing Data for School Improvement.