Engagement and Investment Key to Literacy Success

  • KneoWorld is a key EdTech company who is responding to the escalating global literacy problem with foundational learning strategies.
  • KneoWorld’s program of learning is non-linear and student-responsive, working towards equity in education.
  • A projected growth in early learning makes KneoMedia an attractive long-term investment.
KneoWorld is making waves within the PreK to Grade 2 education sector by delivering improved literacy results. The KneoMedia-owned online educational platform uses on- and off-screen activities that are the essential foundations for reading and writing. They strive to achieve equity in education in all they do, highlighting that children who never learned to read become adults with lower socio-economic, well-being and professional outcomes.
KneoWorld as a Versatile Industry Leader
The early childhood market size – children aged 0-8 years) is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.15% making it worth in the region of USD$ 487 billion by the year 2030. KneoWorld has positioned itself well to ensure that both the educational and the technological aspects can meet and exceed this escalating demand.
Being a significant player in the EdTech space, KneoWorld’s program is aligned with established curriculum standards, ensuring its relevance and acceptance in educational settings both in the US and other regions.
Advanced Educational Technology Solutions
The literacy program is unique, using interactive learning experiences to maintain children’s engagement. It takes a scaffolding approach whereby students are taught from the ground up, their knowledge is building upon what they already know to achieve skill mastery. Known as the Gradual Release of Responsibility Framework it identifies how the child will learn based on the teacher’s input. Throughout the unit of work, the responsibility for understanding the knowledge moves from the educator to the child.
“KneoWorld supports and intentionally provides a learning environment that allows students to move back and forth between the framework’s levels of support as they practice and master the skills and concepts within the lesson.” KneoWorld Unit 1: Concepts of Print and Print Awareness – Teacher’s Guide, page 3.
KneoWorld’s Staying Power
Since children are actively engaged in the lessons, the user retention rate is high. By continually delivering dynamic content updates and personalised learning pathways, KneoWorld stays ahead.
A typical literacy unit such as Soha’s Book equips the teacher with all the key elements needed to focus on teaching. The components of each unit are the same, making the KneoWorld system consistent and measurable.
They include several stages where learning outcomes, competencies and cultural responsiveness are planned for – the means of delivering the thought and inquiry-based learning, ongoing reviews and the teacher’s own reflective practice. Each lesson also comprises suggestions for differentiation that consider the varying abilities of the class, the pace of work and whether the children are multilingual.
A Sustainable Investment
The projected growth in the EdTech sector makes KneoWorld an attractive investment. The platform is sold on an annual subscription seat licence basis to schools and districts.
The potential for long-term returns results is based on the reoccuring revenue opportunity by contributing to improving early childhood education and literacy outcomes. Read more about how KneoWorld is making a difference in children’s learning and development here.