KNeoMedia Limited is an online games publishing company that delivers world-class edutainment games to global educational and consumer markets (education + entertainment = edutainment)

We publish and market from our US-based subsidiary, KNeoWorld Inc., and sell on a micro-subscription and Apps basis through the KNeoWorld.com games portal.

Games Based Learning is an integral part of childhood education. Growth in educational markets, combined with advances in mobile devices and connectivity, will continue to accelerate innovation, adoption, and affordability of our products around the world.



Through its KNeoWorld Edutainment portal, KNeoMedia has created a range of fun and challenging games that captivate imagination, encourage critical thinking, employ math, science, history, language, and creative skills to open a world of possibilities and learning for kids of all abilities.

Our range of games is not limited to the consumer games market or to the general-education market but can be packaged to support special needs schools and students. We also have a program designed to support and encourage school fundraising.


Award-winning games developed with teachers and scientist to encourage exploration and curiosity, while helping you discover the world around you.

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Accelerate learning using compelling and fun online games infused with validated educational content to teach the higher order skills required by children.

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Sharpen your brain and flex your cerebral muscles. Play a smorgasbord of over 70 games on the web and close to 30 on your favorite mobile device.

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James Kellett

Executive Chairman & CEO

Appointed non-Executive Director on 26 August 2010, Chief Executive Officer on 3 December 2010 and Executive Chairman October 2015.

He has over 30 years’ experience in global corporate finance and business management and has held senior executive positions in the finance and communications industries, including ASX listed companies. James has been the driving force of in establishing KNeoWorld Inc in the American games based learning sector and has established additional channels to market in Australia and China. He is an Associate of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia and brings very substantial business management, direction and governance skills to the Board.

Franklin Lieberman

Executive Director

Mr. Lieberman has been in the media business for 45 years, producing motion pictures and TV programs for Warner Bros., NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS, and then running Miracle Factory, a strategic marketing company with clients that included AT&T, IBM, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, and Universal Pictures. KNeoWORLD Games Based Learning platform in the US, for which he and his team have developed its educational initiatives. Frank sits on the board of Council for Unity, a public school anti-bullying program, and for 10 years has worked with the United Federation of Teachers and American Federation of Teachers on educational initiatives.

Jeffrey Bennett

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Bennett (B Comm CPA) brings significant experience in corporate finance, capital markets, acquisitions and divestments and risk management to the Company. He has more than 25 years experience in the resources, transport, IT and service industries having held senior finance positions at Ingena, Simcoco Pacific, BHP and Shell. Mr. Bennett is the chairman of Jameson Resources Limited (ASX: JAL).

Sophie Karzis

Company Secretary

.Juris. LLB

Miss Karzis is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and the Institute of Chartered Secretaries. She is a practicing lawyer with over ten years’ experience as a commercial lawyer, and company secretary and in house counsel for a number of private and public companies.

Carlo Spicola

VP Production & Development

Mr. Spicola has provided application development, content creation, design and media consulting for Viacom, Children's Television Workshop, Nickelodeon and Warner. He has undertaken web site development for Ocean World Adventure Park, Sony Pro Audio, Viacom and PSE&G and many more. Other production credits also virtual reality projects for Apple Computer, Major League Baseball, LOUD Records, Sesame Street and content producer for Nickelodeon’s Nick Online. Mr. Spicola was also in charge of conceptualizing, pitching and producing co-branded online/integrated advertising for Nintendo, Pokemon, General Mills, Baby GAP and Kraft Foods. Mr. Spicola is responsible for the further development of properties at KNeoWORLD and its commercial success across broad sales channels.

Rakesh Kamat

Chief Technical Officer

Mr Kamat has 15 years’ experience in enterprise software development and has worked with some of the leading information technology companies in the US and UK in devising and delivering IT strategies for multiple start-ups in social networking, iBeacon, ecommerce and online learning. Mr. Kamat is a partner in Blastoff Solutions , a company based in Goa, India, who specialise in cross-platform mobile applications with a 10 year history in architecting and building software-as-a-service ecommerce and content management systems. KNeoWORLD has outsourced all of its web and application development to Blastoff and Mr. Kamat co-ordinates the centralized development activities and drives KNeoWORLD’s technology strategy to continue to deliver innovative products.



2015 Releases


30/10/2015 Appendix 4C - quarterly PDF
30/10/2015 Investor Presentation PDF
21/10/2015 Final Director's Interest Notice PDF
21/10/2015 KNM 'revenue ready' with solid operational progress PDF
20/10/2015 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form PDF


28/09/2015 Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance Statement PDF
28/09/2015 Annual Report to shareholders PDF
09/09/2015 Mobile Embrace launches HeroWORLD in Australia PDF


28/08/2015 Appendix 4E PDF


31/07/2015 Appendix 4C - quarterly PDF
30/07/2015 Publication of Research Report PDF
28/07/2015 Trial launch of Mandarin KNeoJUNIOR product into China PDF
09/07/2015 Publication of Research Report PDF


29/06/2015 Appendix 3B PDF
29/06/2015 Appendix 3B PDF
29/06/2015 Cleansing Notice PDF
15/06/2015 KNeoMedia completes $1.25M Capital Raising PDF


28/05/2015 Results of Extraordinary General Meeting PDF
13/05/2015 Addendum to Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting PDF


30/04/2015 Appendix 4C - quarterly PDF
29/04/2015 Share Consolidation Timetable PDF
28/04/2015 Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting PDF
28/04/2015 Proxy Form PDF


19/03/2015 Appointment of Senior Executive and Company Update PDF
13/03/2015 Cleansing Notice PDF
13/03/2015 Appendix 3B PDF


27/02/2015 Half Yearly Report and Accounts PDF
17/02/2015 Appendix 3B PDF
13/02/2015 Final Director's Interest Notice PDF
10/02/2015 Initial Director's Interest Notice PDF
09/02/2015 Appointment of Director and Company Update PDF
05/02/2015 Resignation of Director PDF


30/01/2015 Cleansing Notice PDF
30/01/2015 Appendix 3B PDF
30/01/2015 Appendix 4C - quarterly PDF

2014 Releases


24/12/2014 Appendix 3B PDF
15/12/2014 Results of Meeting PDF
15/12/2014 CEO's Presentation to Shareholders at 2014 AGM PDF
09/12/2014 First Significant Revenue for Entellect PDF


25/11/2014 Amended Release - Successful New York School Pilot Program PDF
25/11/2014 Successful New York School Pilot Program PDF
13/11/2014 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form PDF
10/11/2014 Major Product Update PDF
05/11/2014 Response to ASX Appendix 4C Query PDF


31/10/2014 Approval for extension of time to hold AGM PDF
31/10/2014 Appendix 4C - quarterly PDF


25/09/2014 Annual Report to shareholders PDF
25/09/2014 SmartTrans Signs New Content & Billing Agreement PDF
25/09/2014 Entellect and SmartTrans sign content distribution agreement PDF
04/09/2014 Update on payments under UMP Share Sale Facility PDF


29/08/2014 Preliminary Final Report PDF


31/07/2014 Appendix 4C - quarterly PDF
30/07/2014 Appendix 3B - Issue of shares post EGM approval PDF
30/07/2014 Cleansing Notice PDF
30/07/2014 Appendix 3B - Issue of options post EGM approval PDF
30/07/2014 Change of Director's Interest Notice x 2 PDF
16/07/2014 Results of Extraordinary General Meeting PDF


25/06/2014 Conclusion of Unmarketable Parcel Share Sale Facility PDF
23/06/2014 Research & Development Cash Reimbursement Approval PDF
13/06/2014 Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form PDF


20/05/2014 Change of Director's Interest Notice PDF
20/05/2014 Cleansing Notice - Conversion of Pre-approved Note PDF
20/05/2014 Appendix 3B - Conversion of Pre-approved Note PDF
13/05/2014 Ceasing to be a substantial holder PDF
05/05/2014 Change of Share Registry effective today PDF
05/05/2014 Initial Director's Interest Notice PDF
05/05/2014 Appointment of Non-Executive Director PDF


29/04/2014 MOU with UPSI (Malaysia) PDF
28/04/2014 Share Sale Facility for Unmarketable Parcel Holders PDF
24/04/2014 Appendix 4C - quarterly PDF
22/04/2014 Updated effective date for change of share registry PDF
17/04/2014 Change of Share Registry PDF
04/04/2014 Cleansing Notice-conversion of preapproved notes & options PDF
04/04/2014 3B Conversion of Preapproved Notes & Options PDF
03/04/2014 Cleansing Notice - Placement PDF
03/04/2014 Appendix 3B - Placement PDF


24/03/2014 Capital Raising PDF
07/03/2014 Change of Director's Interest Notice PDF
05/03/2014 KNeoWORLD wins awards from The Toy Man News and Reviews PDF
03/03/2014 Cleansing Notice - Conversion of Options PDF
03/03/2014 Appendix 3B - Conversion of Options PDF
03/03/2014 KNeoWORLD product update to grow global presence PDF


28/02/2014 Half Yearly Report and Accounts PDF
13/02/2014 Ceasing to be a substantial holder PDF
12/02/2014 Entellect's Recent Operational Initiatives PDF
11/02/2014 Cleansing Notice PDF
11/02/2014 Appendix 3B PDF


31/01/2014 Commencement of Revenue and Appendix 4C PDF
23/01/2014 Appointment of Senior Marketing Executive PDF
10/01/2014 Cleansing Notice PDF
10/01/2014 Appendix 3B - Conversion of securities approved at 2013 AGM PDF
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